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A modern home, especially in regions affected by winter requires an efficient boiler and central heating system. One way of keeping a boiler efficient is by servicing it regularly. In fact, according major boiler manufacturers, a boiler should be serviced at least twice yearly to make sure that the appliance is operating at an efficient level.

One thing that most homeowners don’t understand is that after boiler installation, they should have a robust boiler maintenance plan. Just like any other home appliance, a boiler should be cleaned, inspected, and its efficiency checked regularly. This a perfect opportunity to determine how your boiler is performing and what you can do to enhance its performance if it’s not operating as expected.

With the wave of ‘Do It Yourself’ concept growing stronger each day, you may think that servicing your own boiler is the most prudent thing to do. But you’re wrong! A boiler has lots of complex components and some of them are electrical. In fact, messing with some of the boiler components can paralyze the entire boiler and central heating system. So, why take the risk when Eco Efficient can help? We have a team of professional and highly trained engineers to offer boiler repair and other related services.

We also offer central heating installation services. Our engineers have a high level of knowledge regarding different central heating systems and boilers. They understand how such systems work and they know how to install them in homes perfectly. You already know that a poorly installed central heating can result in endless problems in your home. Eco Efficient guarantees its clients a perfect central heating installation at affordable cost.

Faulty boilers are likely to result in gas and boiler leaks. They might also expose you and your loved ones to carbon monoxide. Keep in mind that this is an odourless and tasteless gas. You can’t taste it or smell it. For this reason, you should consider installing a carbon monoxide detector in your home. Note that this gas is poisonous and can cause death especially when inhaled in large quantities. You don’t have to expose your family to such a risk when Eco Efficient can help you prevent such issues by servicing your boiler regularly.

You don’t have to replace your central heating system whenever it develops an issue. At Eco Efficient, we have experts who can provide excellent central heating repairs and save you from cold nights and days. Our services are delivered in time. Whether your central heating developed an issue at night or during the day, we have the solution you need. Just contact our client support via email, phone or even our website. You will receive an immediate response. In case it’s a critical boiler or central heating issue, our staff will advise you on the precautions to take before our engineers arrive.

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